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At Elcom we are constantly innovating, and looking for new solutions and developments to provide you with the best service. This includes our website. A new site will be fully up and running again very soon.
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As the world's first cloud-based procurement technology company, we at ELCOM have focused decades of know-how on pioneering flexible proprietary technology with one aim: to help our clients simplify, optimise and energise their whole Supply Chain.

Since partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) two decades ago to create our best-inclass procurement technology, we have transacted over $100 billion and, to date, optimised business for more than 120,000 clients worldwide.

From e-Invoicing, to e-Procurement, to e-Funding, our expertise is rooted in decades of experience in simplifying IT complexity to meet customer needs. You don't adapt to our software; our software adapts to you. This is why, at ELCOM, our clients are more than mere customers - they are our partners, too.